1 march flower!

this is exercise for the 1st of march, however i have done it today ( 16-03-2017).

using eraser, and background eraser and magic selection tool and gradient paints.

you can see the original picture and two Edited pictures.





Palm and sunset!

today was a full day of photoshop lesson, so it is 22 feb 2017 and we did another removing background practice which we learned more and get better.

i used only the removing background eraser tool but with different tolerance numbers to get the result i want. i added more layer and paint it with orange and later on i choosed “soft light” with 51% fill.

those are the background and the last picture..


the final result is


i tryed using sturation with the picture and i got this one


pinky flower lesson

this was our lesson today at 20/02/2017,

using photoshop with this picture bellow to make it as the last picture, i used magic wand tool to select the flower, later on i used the eareser to remove things that disturbed the edges of the flower and make it more realistic. also using the inverse select to remove the background.

also change the position to make it more natural.